Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein

Zach Klein
Columbus City Attorney
77 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
[email protected]

Property Action Team

When problem properties undermine public safety, the Columbus City Attorney’s Property Action Team steps in to make a difference. We work closely with police, fire, public health, code enforcement and community leaders to identify problem properties and find solutions that improve public safety and strengthen Columbus neighborhoods. Whether it’s working with business owners to improve security or taking legal action to hold bad actors accountable, our goal is to do what is best for the neighborhood. We also connect residents to critical services to improve the quality of life in all of our neighborhoods. The majority of our cases begin with a community complaint. So if you see something, say something. It takes all of us working together to advance safe neighborhoods. The City Attorney’s Property Action Team is here to help. To report criminal activity, call the Columbus Division of Police’s non-emergency line at (614) 645-4545. For all other inquiries, call (614) 645-3111 or visit

Steve Dunbar, Section Chief
375 South High Street
17th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614-645-7483 (ph)
614-645-6548 (fx)

Steve Dunbar, Section Chief614-645-6914[email protected]
Tiara Ross, Deputy Chief Zone Attorney614-645-0781[email protected]
Soogie Choi, Zone Attorney614-645-8936[email protected]
Christopher Clark, Zone Attorney614-645-5670[email protected]
Robert Doersam, Zone Attorney614-645-7075[email protected]
Louisa Edzie, Zone Attorney614-645-0316[email protected]
Sarah Pomeroy, Zone Attorney614-645-8619[email protected]
Kenyatta Wilder, Zone Attorney614-645-5346[email protected]
Sophie Yano, Zone Attorney614-645-5980[email protected]
Rachel Catus, Legal Intake Counselor614-645-7573[email protected]
Anneliese Rankin, Paralegal614-645-0766[email protected]
Karla Rumora, Paralegal614-645-7579[email protected]
Amanda Trerotola, Outreach614-645-0402[email protected]
Ian Wiley, Legal Secretary614-645-8868[email protected]

Zone Assignments

Our attorneys know the communities they serve because they’re in them everyday, meeting with neighborhood leaders, business owners, residents and families about what matters most: your safety. Designed around the Columbus Division of Police’s organization of the city into six zones, the Columbus City Attorney has assigned an Assistant City Attorney to each zone.

The zone assignments are as follows:

Zone 1 ( Precincts 1, 6, 18 )

Sarah Pomeroy
[email protected]

Zone 2 ( Precincts 9, 14, 20 )

Sophie Yano
[email protected]

Zone 3 ( Precincts 8, 10, 15, 19 )

Rob Doersam
[email protected]

Zone 4 ( Precincts 3, 4, 17 )

Christopher Clark
[email protected]

Zone 5 ( Precincts 11, 12, 13, 16 )

Louisa Edzie
[email protected]

Zone 6 ( Precincts 2, 5, 7 )

Kenyatta Wilder
[email protected]