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Zach Klein
Columbus City Attorney
77 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
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City Attorney Press Releases

2023 Press Releases

8/31/23    City of Columbus Files Lawsuit to Hold Companies Accountable for Toxic “Forever Chemical” Production Linked to Contamination

8/31/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Files Motion for Judgement in Lawsuit Challenging State Restrictions on Local Gun Safety Measures

6/22/23    City of Columbus Defends Its Right to Enact and Enforce Safe Storage and Other Gun Laws

6/12/23    City Attorney Klein Announces Charges Filed Against Nine Involved in Gas Station Takeover

6/8/23    City Attorney Klein Responds to NRA-Backed Group Who Claims Safe Storage Laws Don’t Work

5/25/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Testifies Against Bill that Would Give Convicted Domestic Abusers Access to Concealed Weapons

5/24/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Announces Agreement for Safety Improvements at Hilltop Bar Plagued by Gun Violence

5/19/23    City Attorney Klein Files Amicus Brief in Case Challenging Legislature’s Attempt to Steal Power Away from Voters

5/18/23    As City Leaders Push for Safer Streets, City Attorney Klein Files Lawsuit to Expand City’s Ability to Take Meaningful Action on Gun Safety

5/14/23    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Statement on Overnight Shooting in the Short North

5/11/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Statement on Gun Violence in the City of Columbus

5/4/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Pushes for Higher Cash Bonds for Violent Domestic Abusers Who Pose Greatest Threat to Victims

5/3/23    City Officials Taking Action to Target Illegal Street Racing and Hold Offenders Accountable

4/25/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Announces Charges Filed in Softball Umpire Assault Case

4/19/23    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Statement Opposing Changes that would make it Harder for Citizens to Pass Constitutional Amendments

4/19/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Files Lawsuit as City Shuts Down Illegal After-Hours Club

4/11/23    City Attorney Klein Announces Guilty Plea in First Test of City’s Safe Storage Law

3/30/23    Columbus Shuts Down Dangerous Linden Property Connected to Drug and Sex Trafficking

3/17/23    City Attorney Zach Klein’s Statement on Latest in Latitude Five25 Bankruptcy Case

3/17/23    City Attorney Zach Klein: City Shutters Franklinton Drug House known for Violent Crime and Narcotics Sales

3/10/23    City of Columbus Shuts Down Illegal Franklinton After-Hours Club Following Violence, Criminal Activity and Code Violations

3/9/23    City Attorney Zach Klein’s Statement on Latest in Latitude Five25 Bankruptcy Case

3/2/23    Columbus Tracks Latitude Five25 Owners to Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey as Problem Landlord Tries to Dodge Historic $4.3 Million Fine

3/1/23    City of Columbus Takes Action against Two West Side Drug Houses

2/23/23    Pair of Drug Houses Boarded Up as City Cracks Down on Problem Properties in Columbus Neighborhoods

2/16/23    Latitude Five25 Owners Held in Contempt, Fined more than $4.3 Million as Court Green Lights Takeover of Property

2/15/23    Columbus Files Lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai as Taxpayers Continue to Foot the Bill for Automakers’ Negligence

2/9/23    City Attorney Zach Klein Files Lawsuit to Declare Night Club a Public Nuisance Following String of Violence and Criminal Activity

2/1/23    Columbus Cracks Down on Dangerous Drug Properties and Sends Landlord to Jail for Ignoring Court Orders to Clean Up Properties

1/25/23    City Attorney Klein: City Prosecutors Fight to Get Violent Abuser off the Streets and Behind Bars

1/23/23    ICYMI: City Attorney Klein Statement as Court Denies State’s Attempt to Block Commonsense Gun Safety Measures

1/23/23    City Shuts Down East Side Drug House

1/20/23    City Attorney Klein Statement as Court Denies State’s Attempt to Block Commonsense Gun Safety Measures

1/10/23    City Attorney Klein Announces City Shuts Down First Drug House of 2023

1/5/23    City Attorney Klein Announces Safety Plan for Southpark Apartments, Says Deal with Owners a “significant win for residents”

1/4/23    City Attorney Klein: Agreement Reached for Immediate Sale of Latitude Five25

2022 Press Releases

12/28/22    City Attorney Zach Klein Reflects on 2022, Highlights Work to Improve Public Safety and Advocate for Columbus Residents

12/27/22    City Attorney Klein Provides Update on City’s Ongoing Response to Latitude Five25, Announces Contempt Filing to Send Property into Receivership

12/20/22    City Attorney Zach Klein Announces Charges for Motorist Who Struck and Killed Four-Year-Old Girl Trick or Treating in October

12/16/22    City Attorney Zach Klein: City Prosecutors Deliver Max Sentence for Man Charged in Attempted Strangulation

12/14/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Statement on Latest Developments in City’s Efforts to Promote Commonsense Gun Safety

12/1/22    Columbus City Attorney Klein Attends NewDEAL Leaders Conference in Washington

11/11/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Statement on Latest Developments in Gun Lawsuit

11/7/22    Columbus to File Lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai for Knowingly Selling Unsafe Vehicles Vulnerable to Theft

11/3/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Issues Statement as Court Temporarily Blocks Law Restricting Local Action to Prevent Gun Violence

11/1/22    City of Columbus Cracks Down on Southside Scrapyard Alleged to Have Accepted Dozens of Fraudulent Vehicle Titles and Stolen Cars for Cash

10/31/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Chosen for Rodel Fellowship Class of 2023

10/25/22    City Attorney Klein Says City Nearing Agreement Requiring Latitude Five25 Owners to Sell Property or Face Takeover

10/24/22    City of Columbus Files Suit Against Judge Who Has Failed To Rule on the City’s Gun Safety Lawsuit for over Three Years

9/29/22    Eastland Mall Owners Held in Contempt of Court, Fined as City Continues to Pressure Owners to Improve Safety

9/15/22    City Attorney Klein Attends White House United We Stand Summit to Combat Senseless Violence in Communities Across the Country

9/9/22    City Moves to Hold Owners of Latitude Five25 Apartments in Contempt for Violating Court Order to Improve Living Conditions at East Side Complex

8/30/22    City Files Lawsuit to Help Improve Dangerous, Unsanitary Living Conditions for Hundreds of Residents at Southpark Apartments

8/23/22    City Takes Action against Hilltop Bar with Long History of Violent Crime, Drugs and Theft

8/17/22    City Takes Legal Action to Hold Owners of Shuttered Hotel and Indoor Water Park Accountable for Dangerous Conditions

8/3/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Says Kansas Vote Affirms Broad Support for Abortion Access Nationwide, Including in Ohio

8/2/22    City Shuts Down North Columbus Hotel Following Years of Unsafe Physical Conditions, Violent Crime and Drug Overdoses

7/13/22    City Shuts Down South Side Property Known for Drug Trafficking and Criminal Activity

7/7/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Says State Officials Continue to Skirt Responsibility for Failed Background Check System

6/27/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Announces Office’s Position on Prosecuting Abortion Cases following Supreme Court Decision

6/24/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Statement as Conservative Supreme Court Overturns Roe v Wade

6/14/22    Eastland Mall Declared a Public Nuisance as City Pushes to Hold Property Owners Accountable for Deteriorating Conditions

5/27/22    Statement on Behalf of Special Prosecutor Brad Nicodemus

5/27/22    City Attorney’s Office Takes Action to Crack Down on Hot Spots for Criminal Activity in North Columbus

5/18/22    City Shuts Down Bar for Illegal Operation without Liquor Permit and Multiple Reports of Violent Crime

5/3/22    Columbus Mayor, City Attorney and Police Chief Outline Plan to Crack Down on Illegal, Unsafe Use of Motor Bikes on City Streets

5/2/22    ***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Columbus Mayor, City Attorney and Police Chief to Outline Plan to Crack Down on Illegal, Unsafe Use of Motor Bikes on City Streets

4/29/22    COMMENT: City Attorney Klein comment on ACLU challenging "healthcare denial law"

4/26/22    City Shuts Down Fourth Hilltop Drug House This Year

4/20/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Files Lawsuit Challenging Ohio Law Protecting Those Who Deny Health Care for Reasons of Conscience

4/18/22    Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein Calls on Sen. Portman, Congress to Pass Critical Climate Legislation to Make Communities More Resilient to Extreme Weather Events

4/12/22    City Attorney Klein Announces Agreement to Hold Owners Accountable for Poor Living Conditions at the Ardmore Apartments

3/30/22    City Continues to Push Eastside Property Owners to Fix Up Eastland Mall Site

3/23/22    City Attorney Klein Applauds Judgement Holding Colonial Village Owners in Contempt, Accountable for Deplorable Living Conditions

3/10/22    Columbus Joins with National Criminal Justice Leaders to Urge Texas Court to Stop State from Targeting Transgender Kids and Their Parents

3/3/22    City Attorney Zach Klein: “Help is here” for Residents of Colonial Village

3/2/22    City Shuts Down Third Hilltop Drug House in Past Month

2/18/22    City Boards Up Third Drug House This Week

2/17/22    City Shuts Down East Side Drug House Located Near Local Elementary School

2/17/22    City Shuts Down East Linden Drug House

2/11/22    City Shuts Down North Linden Drug House

2/10/22    City Takes Action Against Two Dangerous West Side Drug Houses

2/9/22    City of Columbus Secures Preliminary Injunction against Latitude Five25 Apartments on East Side

1/13/22    Columbus City Attorney reflects on historic first term, looks ahead to next four years

2021 Press Releases

12/16/21    City Shuts Down Three More West Side Drug Houses

12/9/21    City Reaches Settlement Agreement with Plaintiffs in Alsaada v. Columbus

11/23/21    Landlord Agrees to City’s Request to Shut Down Hilltop Property Plagued by Drugs and Violence

11/17/21    The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys and The Yale Justice Collaboratory Select Columbus and Saint Paul City Attorney’s Offices to Continue Trust and Legitimacy Project

9/29/21    Columbus Shuts Down Franklinton Drug House

9/23/21    City Shuts Down East Side Property Where Drug Dealers Were So Busy, They Worked in ‘Shifts’

9/20/21    Columbus Leads Coalition of Cities and Counties Standing Against Mississippi’s Law to Ban Abortion After 15 Weeks of Pregnancy, a Direct Challenge to Roe v Wade

9/15/21    City Attorney Settles after Suing Owner of Gas Station Plagued by Drugs and Violence

8/31/21    Columbus City Attorney Files Two Motions to Expedite Change in Ownership and Management of Colonial Village Apartments

8/12/21    City of Columbus Joins Settlement Agreement in Lawsuit Against Major Opioid Distributors

8/3/21    City of Columbus Secures Order Declaring Colonial Village Apartments a Public Nuisance

7/22/21    City Obtains Court Orders Against Two More West Side Properties

7/1/21    City of Columbus Reaches Agreement with Downtown Greyhound Bus Station

6/17/21    Columbus City Attorney and Columbus Division of Police Announce Legal Action Filed Against Downtown Greyhound Bus Station

6/9/21    Columbus Special Prosecutor and Independent Investigator File Charges Against Columbus Division of Police Officers for Misconduct During 2020 Summer Protests

6/2/21    Columbus Boards Up West Side Condo Owned by Alleged Drug Dealer

5/18/21    Columbus City Attorney, Franklin County Commissioners, and Columbus State Community College to Announce Innovative Public Safety Program

5/17/21    *** MEDIA ADVISORY *** Columbus City Attorney, Franklin County Commissioners, and Columbus State Community College to Announce Innovative Public Safety Program

5/14/21    City of Columbus Reaches Agreement with Family of Andre’ Hill

5/11/21    City of Columbus Boards Up West Side Drug House

4/30/21    Columbus Secures Emergency Court Order to Board Up Dangerous Bar

4/26/21    John Glenn College of Public Affairs Releases Report Following Independent Review of Columbus Protests

4/9/21    City of Columbus Shuts Down South Side Drug House that Saw 18 Overdoses in Last Two Years

3/8/21    Federal Court Rules Trump Admin Undermined ACA, Strikes Down Four Trump-Era ACA Policies

3/2/21    Council Designates $100,000 for Residents Struggling to Address Needed Home Repairs

2/19/21    City Shuts Down Multiple Drug Houses Owned by Former ‘Pill-Mill’ Doctor

1/26/21    Columbus Shuts Down West Side Apartment Unit

1/21/21    Columbus Shuts Down ‘Barbershop by Day, Illegal After-Hours Club by Night’

1/15/21    University District Rooming House Becomes First Nuisance Property Boarded Up this Year

1/14/21    Columbus City Attorney and CareSource Partner on City’s Innovative Diversion Program for Nonviolent Offenders

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