Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein

Zach Klein
Columbus City Attorney
77 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
[email protected]

Prosecutor Trial Staff

Melanie Tobias, Chief Prosecutor
375 South High Street
7th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614-645-7483 (ph)
614-645-8902 (fx)

“The city attorney shall be the prosecuting attorney of municipal court. He may detail such of his assistants as he may deem proper to assist in such work. He shall prosecute all cases brought before such court and perform the same duties, so far as they are applicable thereto, as are required of the prosecuting attorney of the county.” Columbus City Charter, section 68

The Prosecutor’s Division prosecutes criminal misdemeanor offenses in the Franklin County Municipal Court not only for the City of Columbus, but for the State of Ohio, Franklin County’s townships and, under contract, to the villages of Riverlea, Urbancrest and Valleyview, as well as the municipalities of Worthington.


Melanie Tobias, Deputy Chief of Staff-Prosecution614-645-8876[email protected]
Joseph Gibson, Chief Prosecutor614-645-8081[email protected]
Amy O'Grady, Policy Counsel614-645-7749[email protected]
LaDonna Little, Executive Assistant614-645-8910[email protected]
Bonnie Finneran, Executive Assistant614-645-1614[email protected]
Kimberly Kidd, Matrix Systems Administrator614-645-3829[email protected]

Trial Staff:

Mackenzie Cutteridge, Prosecutor614-645-8908[email protected]
Brandon Edwards, Lead Prosecutor614-645-6103[email protected]
Louisa Edzie, Prosecutor614-645-0316[email protected]
Aaron Gullett, Prosecutor614-645-8123[email protected]
Justin Hykes, Prosecutor614-645-0809[email protected]
Justin Mackin, Prosecutor614-645-3627[email protected]
Tyler McCoy, Prosecutor614-645-1568[email protected]
Lezley Neal, Prosecutor614-645-0771[email protected]
Douglas Nobles, Lead Prosecutor614-645-8870[email protected]
Andres Olivari Rodriguez, Prosecutor614-645-8904[email protected]
Christopher Page, Prosecutor614-645-0449[email protected]
Rhiannon Plant, Prosecutor614-645-8874[email protected]
Ashtin Romesberg, Prosecutor614-645-7361[email protected]
Hank Schaab, Prosecutor614-645-8946[email protected]
Elena Tuhy-Walters, Prosecutor614-645-0314[email protected]

Arraignment Team:

Amy Meyers, Sr. Prosecutor, Team Leader614-645-8938[email protected]
Kristin Blevins, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-0395[email protected]
Traci DeLaBarre, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8920[email protected]
David Jenkins, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8924[email protected]
DeLandro Williams, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-6579[email protected]
Latosha Young, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-1945[email protected]

Legal Assistants:

Tiffany Kinder, Legal Assistant Director614-645-3216[email protected]
Aaron Rinehart, Legal Administrative Coordinator614-645-0409[email protected]
Ronica Broadus, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-7143[email protected]
Bobbi Burley, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8934[email protected]
Barbara Estes, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-1599[email protected]
Michael Flannagan, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8896[email protected]
Shanese Logan, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-5381[email protected]
Corey Sheppard, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-6058[email protected]
Anna Traylor, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8918[email protected]
Sherita Turner, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-0778[email protected]
Barb Williams, Legal Administrative Assistant614-645-8840[email protected]